Marketing Ideas to Create an Email List That Will Never Die

Creative, inexpensive, low-budget marketing ideas (and even low-budget marketing ideas any company can use) that you haven’t thought of, or haven’t thought of in some years. Just like those old television advertisements with the jingle stating “This is a New Year’s Resolution”. I’ve seen them many times, and they never get old. They’re still effective, and always will be. website
One of the newest forms of internet marketing ideas is video marketing. Small businesses are able to make use of this medium to promote their company, products, and services. The advertising format has changed dramatically with the advent of vlogs (videos). There is even a growing section of internet marketers who have created vlogs to help raise funds for good causes, and awareness of issues and campaigns. For these small businesses, the greatest benefit of YouTube advertising is it is highly visible; when someone searches for something related to your vlog, your ad will show up as the first result.
One great marketing idea for the traveler is offering discount travel opportunities. If you own a travel blog, or are planning on starting one, this is one idea you could explore. This would be a great way to gain internet traffic and expose your blog to people who want to learn more about traveling. People are always looking for a great deal, and if you can offer it, you’ll likely make some sales from it.
Video marketing can be a great small business marketing ideas for gaining exposure and gaining potential customers. You may have heard of how viral marketing ideas go around the internet, the term may even have entered your head. Viral marketing is where something spreads from person to person very rapidly. The whole goal is to make sure the information spreads so quickly and thoroughly that no one is left in the dark regarding the information. With video, this is much easier to accomplish because not only can you upload the video to several video sharing sites, but you can also add text to the videos to make it more interesting.
There are many creative marketing ideas for businesses, the most important thing is to be creative with your marketing ideas. Look at what the larger company’s are doing, then take elements of those marketing ideas and incorporate them into yours. For example, with video marketing, you can include some text to give viewers some further insight into what you’re saying. However, you should make sure your text is relevant to what you’re saying. If you are trying to sell a puppy to someone wanting to buy a crib for their child, their text might be completely different than if you were trying to market a door for a car wash. Being specific is key to effective online marketing.
Another great low-cost, low-maintenance small business marketing ideas is to offer your services online. Offering your services on your website can give you a much larger customer base than you would if you were to just post your phone number or address on your business card. This is especially helpful in an area where there is little to no Internet usage, such as in rural areas. You can also advertise in local newspapers to generate more business. Another creative idea that is often overlooked is using email advertising to advertise your business. This is actually very cost effective and you can reach a wide audience through your email marketing campaign.
Other low cost and low maintenance small business marketing ideas include content marketing ideas, like creating an e-course on something you’re good at, creating articles based on what you learn from your course, and putting the content on websites like Squidoo, HubPages, and Blogger. To make the most out of your content marketing campaign, you’ll need to do keyword research to find out what people are searching for. Then, you simply need to create good content based on the keywords that people are searching for. For example, if someone searches for information on how to lose weight, you can write an article about that and place an affiliate link in it.
Once you have the article, you then send it to your list. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to build an email list is to use a viral marketing system. A viral marketing system is when you create a new product and send it to your list. After people download it, they pass it along to their friends, family, and email list. This is one of the cheapest ways to create a large email list and evergreen content for your website.