Jimeno & Gray P.A. Assault And Battery Lawyer- Info

Jimeno & Gray P.A. is a law firm that focuses on personal injury cases. In their legal battle with the insurance company, they won $2.35 million! They actually did this by proving that the insurance company was liable for a “slip and fall” accident that occurred in their restaurant. They were awarded their verdict because of what they said was negligence on the part of the company’s owner. You may find more details about this at Jimeno & Gray P.A.

The attorneys at Jimeno & Gray P.A. were not only awarded the large monetary award on this winning case, but they also received the chance to be on the court in front of a judge and help make sure that the company’s owner pay for his own personal injuries that were caused by his negligence. There are many injury attorneys that work with these types of cases, but few of them actually go on television or advertise themselves in a legal battle like Jimeno & Gray P.A. The attorneys at this law firm actually go out of their way to get media coverage!

The firm does not accept clients who have never had a slip and fall case before, so if you have had one it is best that you tell the law firm that you have such a case. The legal firm will ask you to fill out an application for a free consultation. During the consultation the attorneys will go over your case with you, answer any questions that you may have, and make suggestions about how they might handle it. After the consultation the attorneys will meet with you to discuss the results and recommend either pursuing the case to trial, or settling the case for a lesser amount. They will help you to determine if it is worth going forward with the case.

Jimeno & Gray P.A. is known as a “no-nonsense” law firm, which many people might consider to be a bad thing. However, the reality is that there are some cases that are just too complex for simple common people to understand. Even top lawyers might not be able to win every case that they file. When you contact them you should be prepared to have your questions answered, and if they seem hesitant to answer them, then you might want to proceed with caution.

If you do decide to hire the Jimeno & Gray P.A. firm it is important to keep in mind what type of cases they have handled in the past. Some attorneys specialize in personal injury while others work primarily in cases of patent infringement. Each has its own specific field of expertise.

When selecting a law firm to give your case the attention it deserves you need to find out how many clients they have handled in the past. You can usually learn this information by calling the office or by asking current clients for references. The firm should be able to provide you with at least three to four years of clients of which at least two have been settled satisfactorily. You should also inquire about the success rate. If a law firm is only doing half of their job you may want to look elsewhere.

Finding a suitable legal provider is just the first step in finding a great law firm. Once you have settled on a couple of providers you should then interview each one of them in order to see how well they will treat you as a client. It is very important to choose attorneys who are motivated not only to win cases for you, but also to treat their clients with respect. Attorneys who are interested in seeing that their clients have a positive experience with them will be eager to show that they have taken the time to properly screen each of their potential clients.

The final part of finding a reliable Jimeno & Gray P.A. firm involves finding one that has a strong rating with its local or state bar. Attorneys who have been personally supervised during their career in order to make sure they are committed to excellent client service will typically be more dedicated to their clients than attorneys who have not had such supervision. Even though your first visit to a particular law firm may not be successful, staying in contact with them over a number of months or years will ensure that they are willing to serve you well into the future.