Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

If you are in a car accident and injured, do not try to cope alone. Call your insurance company first. Many insurance companies have 24 hour time slots where they can be reached. Call them within those time frames to report the accident. Don’t share the accident with them; get as much information or details from them as possible.
Call a car accident lawyers. It is better to have legal representation during an accident because there may be lawsuits involved, including personal injury claims. An accident attorney is a lawyer who specializes in helping people who have been involved in accidents for which they are responsible. In order to choose a lawyer, check out advertisements in legal publications like the Law Directory and the American Bar Association’s Directory of Legal Assistants. Get more informations of Dennis W. Potts Attorney at Law – Dui Accident Lawyers
Go to the hospital. Explain to the staff what happened – who was at fault, how you were injured, and if there are any lasting effects from the accident. It may be helpful to write down the events of the accident as soon after it occurs as possible, especially if you have any memory of the events leading up to the accident. Keep copies of the bills for your own records and that of the other driver, if there is one.
Keep a logbook of all telephone numbers and addresses of friends or family who could be able to help with your recovery. If anyone you are not able to reach during this time, call the emergency services. Take pictures of the vehicles (if there is one) involved, and any injuries or damage to the cars or property. If you have any home insurance, read over the policy to make sure you are covered and take pictures of the damaged areas. If you have a business insurance policy, talk to the insurance agent about how to make the necessary repairs.
Call your insurance agent. Do not ignore this call because it may be a sign that the insurance is canceled. If it is, then you need an attorney. Your insurance agent should be able to let you know whether or not your policy will be canceled, and if so, for how long. Having an attorney by your side during this time is critical because of the complexities of the situation.
If you are driving the other vehicle, call your car insurance agent. Again, do not ignore this call because it may indicate that the other party’s policy will also be canceled. Again, talk to an attorney if necessary. Note the other vehicle’s plate number, and keep track of it in case the other driver leaves the scene without offering you their insurance information. Remember to ask questions and provide the plate number to the police.
Take pictures of the accident. Car accident photos are important because they will show how the accident happened and who was involved. Note the vehicles and the damage that occurred, so you can accurately provide information to your lawyers. You will also need the date and time of the accident to help you recover the money you lost during the time of the accident. Keep all of the pictures you take of the accident as proof.
Contact the people who were injured in the accident. Friends and family members of the injured will need to talk to car accident lawyers to determine who was at fault and to find out how much their insurance would pay them. They will need to provide you with their insurance information and contact you when they can. The more people you talk to about the accident, the more clear the details will become and the less likely you are to make a mistake that costs you money.