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Because there are just so many different specialties within the world of dentistry today, it s a bit difficult to specifically define general dentistry. But in simple terms, it is a practitioner who has earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery or DMD, and has not pursued further dental education. The title “General Dentist” is used to specifically denote any and all dentists who have earned the title, regardless of their specialty. The term is also widely used when speaking generally about practitioners who treat all patients who require routine, preventative care.Learn more about us at  Green Meadow Dental

Because of these broad similarities, the scope of this article has expanded to include a brief description of each of these broad categories. Within each major umbrella category, there are specific subcategories. Within each subcategory, there are even more general umbrella categories. Ultimately, however, all of these general dentistry categories can be lumped together into three general descriptions: family dentistry, pediatrics, and cosmetic. Each of these three descriptions provides patients with the ability to understand just how a general dentist practices his or her specialty.

Family dentistry, as the name indicates, is the area of practice that includes all of the services of a general dentist, but with a focus on family oral care. Family dentists take care of all oral health needs of patients in their families, including routine preventative visits to the dentist and specific needs such as braces or sedation dentistry in young children. Because a family dentist is very familiar with the habits and routine of his or her patients, he or she is able to give very accurate and useful information to patients about oral hygiene and oral health. This type of dentistry is also very involved in providing education about oral health to family members of patients as well. This way, family dentists are very instrumental in developing close relationships with their patient’s family.

Pediatric dentists provide care for children and adolescents, and they often have additional training after graduating from dental school. Many pediatric dentists attend specialized dental schools, where they acquire even more skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties with competence and professionalism. During dental school, students will learn both the science of dentistry as well as the techniques of caring for and managing children and adolescents.

Cosmetic dentists, as the name implies, are interested in improving the appearance of a person’s teeth and mouth. They do this by using various procedures and materials to enhance and improve a patient’s smile. In many cases, a cosmetic dentist performs cleanings and extractions, but they may also perform additional procedures to improve the overall appearance of the face and mouth. Many cosmetic dentists attend medical school before obtaining their degree so they can become skilled and qualified in treating all types of patients.

Dental Assistants or DAs are responsible for, among other things, taking x-rays, preparing teeth charts, taking patients’ dental history, cleaning teeth and gums, and handling delicate dental instruments. These dentists must be licensed in their state in order to practice dentistry, and most states require DAs to be fingerprinted and certified by the State Board of License within their state. All states require DAs to renew their license every year. To find an ADA, you can contact the American Dental Association’s website.

Finally, not everyone requires the services of a full-fledged dentist. Some individuals benefit from the personal care that a hairstylist can provide, while others prefer the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that a general practitioner is keeping their oral health in good shape. For these individuals, they may wish to consider alternative treatments like laser dentistry, which uses lasers to whiten teeth and get rid of stains. Other procedures that do not require anesthesia are also available through most dentists.

General dentistry is one of many types of specialty dentistry that are available through participating practices nationwide. Choosing which practice to go to can be difficult because there are so many options. If you’re looking for a dentist that specializes in the field of cosmetic dentistry, you should definitely consult your local Yellow Pages or contact the ADA for a list of providers in your area.