A Few Secrets About Teeth Whitening

There are several options for whitening your teeth at home. You can use toothpaste and gels, as well as whitening strips. The American Dental Association recommends an in-office procedure, but at-home trays and treatments are also available. Both can be purchased over the counter and prescribed by a dentist. Regardless of the type of whitening method you choose, it’s important to follow instructions carefully and follow the recommended application time frame. You may find more details about this at Dentist in Melbourne

To ensure that you get the best results, your dentist should first perform a complete evaluation of your teeth. You should be in a good general health condition. Your dentist can assess your overall health and recommend the best treatment for you. Tooth whitening is effective for removing both surface stains and deep-seated stains. In addition to removing stains, it can lighten your teeth up to nine shades. While this is a great improvement, you may experience some temporary tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening.

To get the best results, a professional whitening procedure is an excellent choice for those who have dark stains. Depending on the shade guide, you could expect to see noticeable results after a single in-office visit. Afterwards, you’ll need to refrain from smoking, drinking red wine, or eating foods with deep colour to ensure the results are long-lasting. Some whitening treatments may require a re-treatment every six to nine months, so make sure to schedule a checkup before you choose a teeth whitening method.

Once you’ve completed your treatment, you should keep your mouth as clean as possible. This way, your teeth will not stain as easily, but they should last for at least three years. After whitening, you can resume smoking and eating foods that are deeply coloured. However, if you’re smoking or drinking red wine after the treatment, you should try to avoid these foods for a while after the treatment. You’ll want to keep your teeth as white as possible after whitening.

After a teeth-whitening procedure, you’ll have a much whiter smile. After the treatment, your teeth will stay whiter for about three years. It’s essential to remember that the results of whitening will vary for each individual. Some people may experience side effects such as increased sensitivity, but these should disappear after a few days. This is an unfavorable side effect, but it’s better than a permanent stain.

Before teeth whitening, you should consult your dentist to determine the appropriate color for your teeth. The resulting whiteness will depend on the type of whitening system and the severity of staining. Generally, whitening your teeth can lighten your smile by two to seven shades. While a few people can get the same result from whitening, there are several things you should know before you choose a whitening treatment.